Carbon Pads

Filtrolex Technologies is a filter paper and pads manufacturer and dealer company. We have been a leading supplier of filter media to customers. Our products are affordable and reliable filter papers and pads. We support small, medium enterprises/industries for all types of filtration. We are expert in different types of Handmade and Cellulose filter papers and pads. Our best products includes customized handmade and cellulose filter papers and pads, filter paper and pads sheets, carbon filter pads and absorbent pads. Our products are customized enable our client to meet their requirements. We have wide range of filter papers and pads. We continuously monitored our raw materials for best quality and manufacture customized thickness and sizes as per requirements.

We have filter paper grades suitable for laboratory filtration requirements in industry, research and education. We can also develop tailor-made filter paper grades for customerís specific applications. These filter papers are made of virgin, high purity, imported cellulose fibers. These filter papers are suitable for most filtration and clarification requirements in the laboratory. They can also be used for filtration and clarification in process development work and batch production. As these grades are made of high purity raw materials and manufactured under stringent quality standards. These filter papers can be used for gravimetric determinations of total suspended solids, insoluble matter, etc.

Our Products are being used in the following Industries
• Chemical Industries.
• Distilleries and wines.
• Dyes & Paints Industries.
• Electroplatings.
• Food & Beverages Industries.
• Juice Industries.
• Metal Industries.
• Oil & Gas Industries.
• Petrochemical Industries.
• Pharmaceutical Industries.
• Research and laboratories.
• Vegetable Oil Industries.
• Sugar Industries.
• Water Industries. Etc.
• Other Industries - where liquid solid separation and dust controls are necessary.
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